Bridge for Creative Industries
of Japan and Baltics



Japan-Baltic Design Week MADE IN JAPAN is a place to celebrate design, art and music. Meet fellow creatives from around the world, get inspiration and first-hand knowledge on creative industries of Japan. Three-day conference, networking and workshop sessions will have You exchanging business cards with valuable contacts in no time. Evenings are filled with unique musical performances in the best venues of Vilnius and Kaunas. Briefly, it is a place to be if You are passionate about or are involved in creative industries.


In the global context, Japanese art and design predominates with engineering and lifestyle solutions, human-to-nature approach and peculiar offerings for everyday. Japanese design is celebrated in the biggest capitals of the world – Tokyo, Paris, Milan, New York, London, Berlin, Stockholm. Let‘s put another dot on the map where Asian inspiration is welcomed! European Commision is putting vast emphasis on backing up creative industries. Since design and creativity is an obvious added value to any product or service, boosting economies and competetiveness in a global arena. Nonetheless, in the last decade Baltic design scene is booming with ambitious and professional creators, surprising the world with novelties of creative minds from Eastern Europe. All the reasons above combined, it‘s about time Baltic creatives meet with Japanese inspirados.



MADE IN JAPAN aims to nurture Lithuanian society’s and creators’ aesthetic understanding and creativity, encourage intercultural learning and raise quality of life through globally acknowledged Japanese school of design (graphic, object, interior) with its deep traditions. Last but not least – to improve conditions of Lithuanian design export (networking and knowledge exchange sessions, direct discussions with Japanese companies).


MADE IN JAPAN is part of the Japanese cultural festival “nowJapan”

Japanese cultural festival “nowJapan” presents traditional and contemporary Japanese culture. It is the biggest event of this kind in the Baltic States and Eastern Europe. It takes place on September 10th to 11th in Vilnius, Lithuania. From Cosplay to origami and lectures about Japanese art – “nowJapan” plays a perfect role in introducing Japanese culture to the Baltic states as well as communicating between Japan and Lithuania. More info – www.nowjapan.lt